Friday, August 8, 2014

Sock Success!

August is here already, and I haven't had a lot of time to knit or spin this summer.  Certainly haven't had time to dye!  We are waiting to take possession of our new house and we have other things going on so we are just super busy!  I did, however, manage to successfully make a pair of socks!  

If you remember back to one of my earlier posts from this year, one of my knitting resolutions was to enhance my sock making skills.  I've tried doing 2 socks at a time using magic loop, one at a time on double pointed needles, and now one at a time on 2 circular needles.  My socks have turned out OK, but by no means great.  I think my best pair was a small pair I made for my oldest nephew when he was younger.  Out of all these different methods, doing one at a time on two circular needles is my new favorite method! 

I also LOVE the yarn I used for these.  Some of the pairs I've made in the past either didn't fit me well or they were way too itchy (I can't stand Opal yarn yet I have 2 pairs of socks made out of the stuff!).  This is BFL yarn that my friend, Beth, gave me to dye.  She and I dyed it using Kool Aid and wow, is it soft and lovely to knit with!  This is my "Purple Sunset" yarn.  

And here are my Kool Socks!

So soft!  So comfortable!  They feel wonderful on my feet right now!  

If you are a member of Ravelry, you can visit my project page HERE.  

I never thought I would enjoy making socks this much!  I'm already planning a pair for my husband now.  :)


  1. Your socks look to me as though they were knit by a "sock knitting scholar" I would be so thrilled to be able to knit as wonderfully as you do. My computer is going wild -- hope this gets posted correctly. Total thumbs up on your sock skills :-)

    1. Thank you! :) So sweet of you to say!

  2. The socks look great, love the colors. I am glad you have "happy feet." Love. Maman