Wednesday, June 5, 2013

MVKG Dyeing Yarn/Roving Workshop Part 2

This post contains Part 2 of my power point presentation for the "Dyeing Yarn/Roving with Kool Aid & Wilton's food coloring" workshop I did for the Miami Valley Knitting Guild.


  • If you have yarn/roving that is already dyed, you can always over-dye it to change the colors.  
Light pink yarn, over-dyed with Watermelon Kool Aid in the Crockpot. 
Dyed roving over-dyed with Wilton's teal.

Originally light blue and yellow, over-dyed in Crockpot using Sky Blue Wiltons.

Multi colored yarn over-dyed with purple Wilton's.
Examples of Handpainted Roving:

Hints for using Kool Aid colors:
Kool Aid can be toned down by using non-white yarn or by mixing colors together.  Brown (1 orange to 1 grape or 1 red to 1 green) tones down bright colors and adds depth and interest.
Lemonade and Pink lemonade are weak colors, so you may want to add Wilton’s yellow or pink to brighten it. 
Ice Blue Raspberry Lemonade is a lighter version of Berry Blue
Invisible Watermelon Kiwi contains NO food color, but you can use it in place of vinegar or citric acid when using food colorings.
To make darker colors, start with grey yarn
You can store leftover mixed colors in empty plastic water bottles or jars.  They can be kept in the fridge for months!
Red #3 can be tricky.  Slowly increase the acidity of your dyebath in order to set the color components one by one at their optimum pH.  You can find more information on this on the notes section of “What a Kool Way to Dye"

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