Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tour de Fleece on the Horizon

Spinners are on Ravelry are a abuzz with talk about the Tour de Fleece starting this weekend.  As a new spinner, I had not heard of this event previously, but after learning about it this year, I decided to jump in...deep.  Not only did I sign up as a member of 6 teams, I am also going to captain a team!  

What is the "Tour de Fleece" some might ask?  Beginning in 2006, a member of Ravelry created this event for spinners to spin every day the Tour de France rides.  "They spin, we spin," tagline is mentioned on the Tour de Fleece forum group on Ravelry.  The event begins this year on June 29 and goes until July 21st.  When the Tour de France rests, we rest.  When they have a challenge day, we create our own challenges to work on.  It is THE event of the year for spinners.  You can join as many teams as you wish and enter to win prizes from those teams. 

Many captains ask that you create goals for yourself during the Tour.  My goals, thus far, are to spin for 30 minutes a day that the Tour rides, to make it through the roving I've set aside for this event, and to spin something I've never spun before.  

I'm very much looking forward to this, and it's a nice distraction from the impending anniversary of losing my twin sons on July 1st last year.  It's not an easy time for me, as you can imagine.  My fiber art definitely helps me through.

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