Thursday, September 5, 2013

Sew it goes...

Labor Day weekend was spent sewing project bags for The Purled Ewe with my mother-in-law.  Two sewing machines, lots of lovely fabric, and 3 days later, we had 10 bags made!  Making your own items from scratch really gives you appreciation for how people made items prior to machines and factories.  

My husband had a post-surgery complication this week, so I just got around to posting the new bags to my shop.  Here's a look at a few of the lovelies we made...

The above bag has a new feature, a ring on the outside that can hold locking stitch markers.  Makes grabbing stitch markers so much easier as you knit or crochet!  

In the above pic, if you look closely, you'll notice an adorable llama peering through the window!  I just love this organic fabric!

More bags are in the works, and we are also brainstorming on other sizes.  I've already been asked by a few people to make sweater sized we'll see about that.  :)  

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