Sunday, September 22, 2013

Wooly Happenings

I'm a bit behind on blog posts over the last few months.  Been busy working on my Etsy store and so my blog was neglected.  Here is an overview of some of the Wooly Happenings that have taken place over the last few months.

Stitch-n-Pitch at the Dayton Dragon's Game

The Miami Valley Knitting Guild had it's annual Stitch-n-Pitch game night at the Dayton Dragon's baseball game a few months ago.   Knowing how much my father-in-law loves baseball, we invited my in-laws over to go to the game with us.   It was the first time any of us had been to a Dayton Dragons game.  I'm not a sports fan, but when combined with knitting, I am a happy camper.  :)  Before the game, we had dinner at Olive an Urban Dive in downtown Dayton.  Olive is located in an old Wympee restaurant building.  The website for Olive gives some of the history of the building, which I find very interesting.  From the outside, it just looks like a burger dive, but the inside has been tastefully redone and decorated, and though it does serve grass fed local burgers, the menu has more exciting entrees and local fare.

Knitting at the game.  Working on a gift for my sister-in-law.  
Totally not paying attention to the game though.  Every time the crowd would go wild, I'd have to ask someone what had happened.  :)

We had a great time out at the game.  The Dragons won and I enjoyed chatting with my knitting friends.  I would do this event again.  

I-75 Yarn Crawl

Caitlin was working on a rainbow scarf that
matched the drink machine perfectly!
In August, my friend Caitlin and I did the I-75 Yarn Crawl here in Ohio.  It was the first year for this event.  I ordered my passport as soon as they went on sale.  Caitlin and I started at 9am in the morning, driving all the way to KY to the furthest store South, Knitwits.  Very cute store and the owners were super friendly and helpful.  We made our way North, hitting every crawl store on the way.  At each store, we would hand over our passports for stamps.  Later, at the final store of the day, we handed in our passport stamped page and hoped that the stamps might win us some items that were donated from the shops.  (Neither of us won anything in the end, but we were OK with that).  

We saw a lot of the Cincinnati area driving from shop to shop, and it was a gorgeous day for a drive.  We ended our trip back in Beavercreek at Fiberworks.  We didn't make it back to my place until 9pm!  An entire day of yarn shopping!  Both of us scored some nice deals and it was so much fun exploring the different stores.  If we are still in OH next year, I'd like to do this yarn crawl again and hit the stores North of Beavercreek.  We just didn't have time to hit them all this year. 

Catilin and her GIGANTIC cake of yarn she found at Knitwits.
Winding it at Fiberworks.

Wool Gathering

This weekend in Yellow Springs is the annual Wool Gathering fiber festival.  I attended this event last year and really enjoyed it.  This year, though, Chris and I just dropped in long enough to look around quickly and pick up my roving from Ohio Valley Natural Fibers mill (I had taken fleece down there a few months back to be processed).  

 The above sheep were in line for the shearing demonstrations.  They didn't look very happy about it.  

Cute Pygora Goats! 

Border Leicester sheep

Are you looking at me?

The Wool Gathering is held at Young's Jersey Dairy, just 2 miles from Yellow Springs, OH. There are 3 large circus like tents set up, with smaller tents and booths outside as well.  Compared to the other fiber events I've attended, I have to say, the set up is not ideal at all. The tents are colored, which makes it near impossible to distinguish the colors of the fibers and yarns.  You have to take things to the natural light before buying if you really want to know the true colors.  The tents are also very packed with the booths and the shoppers.  It rained here the entire night prior to the event, making the ground sopping wet and muddy. The vendors at this event are great, but the location is not ideal.  The other fiber events I've attended have been at fairgrounds, in buildings.  I have to say, I much prefer a fairground building to the colorful tents at the Wool Gathering.  
Adorable Alpacas
I picked up the roving I had processed, and was glad Chris was with me to help me carry my 3 bags full back to the car!  I'm very pleased with the job Ohio Valley Natural Fibers did with my fleeces.  

Remember what my fleeces looked like prior to processing?  If not, here's the blog post I wrote about taking my fleeces to the fiber mill. 

And here they are!  My beautiful, washed and processed fleeces turned into roving!  :)

My alpaca!  It's so soft and squishy!  I can't wait to spin some of this and dye it too!

 The pic above and the one below look similar, but they are different.  The one above is my Lincoln wool, and the one below is my BFL.  

Happily surrounded by wool!

The roving is pin-drafted, which is very different from other rovings I've worked with in the past.  It will make for very easy spinning, and should take dye easily too.  I'm looking forward to playing with it and putting some of it in my shop to sell.  Tomorrow, I'm hitting the dye pots!  

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