Sunday, January 27, 2013

What a great way to spend a Sunday

Today has been a relaxing day of knitting and spinning.  Perfect way to spend a Sunday, really.  I woke up early this morning to go to my friend's house for a little knitting meetup.  It's been a while since we've been able to knit together, so I very much enjoyed this morning.  I made quite a bit of progress on my Metamorph cowl, which I'm very pleased about.  I'll get some pictures of that uploaded soon.

This afternoon, I have taken some time to finish spinning my hand-dyed Corriedale roving.  

This is what it looked like when I started out. 
First bobbin full!  

The 2nd bobbin that I just finished.  

I'm really amazed at how this turned out, considering I only used 2 colors of Wilton food coloring to dye it!  Letting them rest now, and hoping to get it plyed tomorrow.  Will post pictures of finished yarn later this week.   

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