Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yarn IS better than Football!

That's right!  You  heard me.  YARN IS BETTER THAN FOOTBALL!  I plan on spending my afternoon knitting and spinning, and not watching the Super Bowl.  :)

Here's my latest hand-spun  yarn!

Meet "Southwest Splendor!"  100% Corriedale.  I have already mentioned in previous posts about my process with this yarn, but here's a refresher.

From this:  "Birds of Paradise" hand-dyed roving.
I used only orange and purple Wilton's food gel coloring, and it produced many different colors!
2 bobbins of my roving spun

My 2 bobbins plied together.

Very pleased with how this yarn turned out!  It's the most yardage I've made so far, 274.4 yards.  2 plied.  I love how many different colors evolved from just using 2 shades of food coloring.  It was also very satisfying to go from a roving that I dyed myself, to a yarn I spun myself, and will now knit it into something.  Being a part of the process is quite special.