Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Animals & Knitwear

I just had to share some adorable and amazing knitwear for...animals!  

First, from my friend's blog, sazmakes, a chicken sweater!  After adopting some rescue chickens, she decided to make some sweaters for them.  It's cold in Scotland, and the poor chickens didn't have all of their feathers (they had not been treated very well previously).  Here is one of her chickens sporting her new sweater.  Isn't she cute?  

Many of you may have seen this in the news a while back, but I just now saw the pictures.  These Shetland ponies are sporting some gorgeous fair isle cardigans.  

Can you imagine knitting this huge cardigans???  The time, the effort, the detail, and then to actually GET THEM ON THE PONIES!  :)

How about a turtle wearing a crocheted cozy?  

Or a cute baby goat in a sweater?

And last one for today...


  1. Love it! I haven't seen those pony sweaters before, my mind is exploding at the thought of how much work went into those. And now I want to make a new little sweater for my dog Penny... Ever knit anything for Oreo?!

    1. I've not knit anything for Oreo to wear. He will sport a knitted item long enough for a pic, but nothing more. He prefers knitted toys and playing with my knitting needles instead. His fur coat is pretty warm on its own. :)