Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spinning Pictures from the Past

This post is dedicated to my History Professor husband.  :)

I wanted to show you some lovely spinning images from the past.  Here are some of my favorites...

This is from a French manuscript ca. 1470.  

This one is a nun spinning thread while her pet cat plays with the spindle.  Netherlands, 1st quarter of 14th century.

Woman at a spinning wheel being kissed by a man.  Southern France & England.  13th-14th century.

Here is a woman with a distaff and drop spindle feeding her chickens.   14th c. England.

Love this one of a woman spinning flax.  15th c. France.

Woman spinning with a hand-crank wheel.  16th c. France.


  1. I love the fourth one. That one is me, spinning while feeding my chickens! Thanks for sharing, these are really neat.

    1. Thanks for commenting. That one does remind me of you. :)