Sunday, May 12, 2013

I Won A Contest!

After purchasing some beautiful roving from Three Waters Farm, I recently joined their Raverly group.  In doing so, I learned about some nice contests that they offer. There is a contest each month for things you are currently spinning from Three Waters Farm, and a new colorway contest was added just a few weeks ago.  I'm excited to announce that I won the colorway contest!  I posted this picture of heirloom tomatoes that I found online in response to theme "Eat your Fruits and Veggies."  Here is the pic I posted...

Heirloom tomatoes always make me think of summer time.  The colors are so varied and rich.  Growing up, I had no idea there were so many colors to be found in tomatoes (which I thought were gross until I was, oh, in my twenties).  

My picture inspired these lovely rovings from Three Waters Farm...

Both are on sale until June 1st for 10% off!  


  1. Yay! Do you get some to spin?

    1. I do! I get to choose a 4 oz braid! :) I chose the first one above.

  2. That's the one I would choose too. They turned out great! Well done!