Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Kryptonian Sunrise Brioche Cowl!

You're going to need sunglasses for this one!  
Feast your eyes on my Kryptonian Sunrise Brioche Cowl!  :)  

Pattern:  Metamorph

Length of time to complete:  Little less than a month

Lessons learned:  Brioche, 2 color-brioche in the round, extra stretchy bind-off, sewing backing buttons

Yarn:  Knit Picks Bare Fingering:  I dyed both of these colorways myself.  Gerbera Daisy Colorway for inside, and Denim colorway for outside.  

Needle Size:  US 5 for the entire thing.  

Accessories:  Yellow and red buttons purchased at Joann's.  2 POW buttons purchased on Etsy.

Helpful websites to help with this pattern:
Carry Along KAL:  Metamorph KAL on Ravelry
Color Brioche Stitch in the Round
Picking up Dropped Stitches in Brioche Knitting
Fixing Mistakes in Brioche Knitting

I'm so pleased to have finished this cowl!  I'd like to give a few SHOUT-OUTS to people who helped me with this...

*My friend, Elizabeth, who has become quite the Brioche Master.  
*The woman who created this pattern, Jeny Staiman.  She gave me lots of advice as I was working my way through this.    

This cowl is rather awesome!  It goes from a knit tube, to a cowl that can be worn multiple ways!  
A square tube.  You can see the stitch markers at the bottom showing where I will sew on my buttons.  

 One way to wear it, with the buttons aligned with their buttonholes.  Shown above.

Another way to wear it...turned inside out and buttoned.

And yet ANOTHER way to wear it, buttons offset by 4 buttonholes.  When you offset the buttonholes, you get a very cool mobius effect.  You can offset by 2, 3, 4, whatever you like!

I came up with the name "Kryptonian Sunrise" from the color scheme.  I knew what colors I wanted for this cowl when I dyed the yarn, and for some reason, Superman and Supergirl kept popping into my mind.  Probably because I watch A LOT of the "Big Bang Theory" on TV while knitting.  They are always talking about comic books on there, so I think the idea of Krypton stuck in my head as I made this cowl.  I was lucky to find the 2 wooden POW buttons on Etsy for this!  They were just perfect for the comic book theme.

Though I had trouble getting started with this cowl, I'm so happy I stuck with it to completion.  I learned lots of new techniques with this pattern and now have an awesome cowl to wear!

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  1. Hey, I left a comment yesterday....love this cowl.