Saturday, March 23, 2013

Black Swamp Spinners Guild Market Day & Fiber Fair

Today I road tripped with a couple of friends up to Bowling Green, OH for the Black Swamp Spinners Guild Market Day & Fiber Fair.  This was probably the smallest fiber festival I've ever attended, but I did find some nice goodies!  :)  

I had a lovely conversation with a farmer from Riverside Farm.  His booth is shown to the left.  He was selling Lincoln raw wool and roving.  I was amazed by how many different colors from one breed of sheep!  So beautiful!  I've  never spun Lincoln before, so I bought some roving.  

I purchased a couple of different rovings from Wooly Knob Fiber Mill Inc out of La Otto, IN.  The one to the left is a 4oz mix of Columbia, Rombox, and Silk.  I don't know what "Rombox" is, but that's what was on the card.  If anyone knows if that is correct, please let me know.  Doing a quick internet search revealed nothing, even with varying might have to contact them to see if I wrote it down wrong.  

This is 4oz of Jacob/BFL.  While I've spun BFL before, I've not worked with Jacob.  It's pretty soft and I love the natural color!  

This is Icelandic lambs wool from Little Cabin Farms in Bowling Green, OH.  Another new fiber for me to spin and it's SO soft and smooshy!  

Last, but not least, is a cute, little, felted sheep bag I found!  This is perfect for knitting notions or as a little coin purse.  Handmade in Nepal.  Isn't it adorable?  :) find some empty bobbins and spin!  I know I have some...somewhere....

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