Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Phat Has Landed

My Phat Fiber Fluff box arrived this afternoon!  Pleasant surprise after having to take my hubby to the ENT for allergy testing (poor guy!).  

So I know you are wondering "What's in the box???" so I'll get right to the pictures.  

And of course, Oreo had to help me unpack.  :)  Where's there is fluff, there is fur-ball!  Here is a pic of the fluff box.  Taking a pic of the fibers next to Oreo, gives you a good idea of the size of everything.  The fiber samples are probably no more than an ounce each, many are less than that.  

I got a couple of patterns, one for some mitts and another for a cape.  Will definitely be making the mitts, not sure about the cape yet.  

The fluff samples are mostly merino, but there are some fibers that I've not spun before.  

80% merino, 20% silk


A few  notions were in the box, and, sadly, not the spinning earrings I wanted from the preview video.  :(  But I did get two buttons and a Celtic stitch marker (LOVE the stitch marker!).  

Also got a needle felting needle in the box.  I have a few of these already, but this one will go into my portable knit-kit so that I always have one handy.

More fluff samples.  I was happy to have some Polworth/Silk blend in the box since I've never spun with Polworth and hear that it is easy to work with.  
Polworth and Silk

Also happy to find some Shetland in the box.  Another new thing for me to spin.

This is interesting.  A mix of merino, bamboo, carbonized bamboo, and soy silk.  I'm interested to see how well this combination spins up.
Beautiful green merino
Superwash Merino, Bamboo, & Nylon

Alpaca locks mixed with all sorts of other things.

This one is very cool!  Black welsh mountain wool with silk.  I love the history on this one.

                                                   And some more lovely wool roving.  

So from doing this, I have learned some things that will be helpful to you, if you ever want to buy a Phat box.

1.  It costs $36.00 for every box, whether it be fluff, fiber, or a mix of both.

2.  Each box is apparently different (did not know this until just now from seeing pics online of other people's boxes).  So my fluff box is different from another.  I find this to be disappointing.  I was looking at pics of one fluff box online, and the samples she got look much larger than the one's in my box.  I guess the thought behind making them different is that one person could buy 4 fluff boxes and get lots of different samples that way.

3.  You have to be VERY quick to purchase.  There are tricks to snagging a box on the Phat Fiber Sampler Box group on Ravelry.  

4.  The weekend of the box sale, the Ravelry will provide a list of Phattie stores with sales that weekend.  There are more incentives to buy after you get your box in the form of coupons within the box, and on Ravelry, plus a drawing if you tell the Ravelry group what you bought at the Phattie stores online.  

All in all, I'm happy I got a box and had this experience to write about.  Would I do it again?  Not sure.  I would really have to like the theme of the box to go for it again.  The Celtic theme caught my eye, so had to go for it.  

Now the question is, what to spin first?  

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  1. Ooo you got some Hilltop Cloud! She's one of my absolute favourite fibre producers and I was in her clubs for a while last year. I'm sure you'll love spinning that one! Looks like you got some nice variety :)