Saturday, March 16, 2013

Phat Fiber Score!

Have you heard of Phat Fiber Sampler boxes?  I hadn't either until about a month ago when I was perusing the spinning groups on Ravelry and someone mentioned Phat Fibers.  I found the Phat Fiber Sampler Box group on Ravelry and started investigating.  

Apparently, there are thousands, yes, I said THOUSANDS, of people interested in these sampler boxes.  The group on Ravelry currently has 3,569 members!  So what is this popular  Phat Fiber box?  Here's what the website says...

What is Phat Fiber?Phat Fiber is a mystery box of awesome samples for the yarn and fiber enthusiast in us all. With a focus on the independent artisan, this box is a super grass-roots treat for the senses. When your box arrives, chock full of samples, expect to be overwhelmed with the sight and feel of artful yarns, bits of roving, small batts, stitch markers, original patterns, valuable discount coupons and much much more. Inside, you could find anything that yarn and fiber enthusiasts would love...even an herbal tea or two! Phat Fiber seeks to bridge the gap between talented online artisans and consumers hungry to support the independent small business.

Each month, a new theme is revealed in the Ravelry group.  The excitement builds until the email arrives in your inbox (after you have signed up of course) the details on when the Phat Fiber boxes go on sale.  A few days before, you can find preview videos on Ravelry of what will be in the boxes...though they do not divulge which sample is in which box.  There are three box choices, one with yarn samples, one with yarn and fluff, and one with just fluff.

Last month, I wasn't too thrilled about the theme or the items in the previews.  This month, however, was a game changer.  The theme was CELTIC!  You can watch the preview videos on the Phat Fiber Blog.  I dare you not to drool over the fiber goodies in there!  I just had to try and snag a box of fluff after seeing the preview videos!

Today is the day for the Phat Fiber sale.  I almost forgot about it this morning, but it jumped into my mind as I was waking up.  I looked at the clock and I had an hour before the sale...plenty of time to get to my computer.  About 10 min till, I sat with my laptop in my lap, on the sale page, and just waited.  I kept thinking it would be really cool to snag a box on my first try, but I had read how hard that can be through the online group.  Some people try every month with no success.  There are 2 sales within one day, and as soon as the clock hits the sale time, GAME ON!  You have to be quick and I think it can be rare to snag more than one box.  

I'm so happy to announce that I GOT A FLUFF BOX!!!!  :)  I was shocked that I got it, and tried to grab another box, but they were sold out WITHIN SECONDS!  It's that crazy folks.  I've never seen anything like it...and man I wish I had come up with the idea myself!  Those boxes go so fast.  As soon as I concluded the checkout process, I ran upstairs to tell my husband that I got a Phat box.  I was squealing with delight (well, it was more of a squeal, cough, wheeze sound from my cold, but you get the idea).  

I'm very excited to see what comes in the box, and I'll be sure to post pics of what I get.  For now, I wait and look forward to a box of lovely fluff to arrive in the mail.  


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